the real demoiselles d'avignon


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A new lecture performance by mark johnson. premiering at the avignon off festival 13-25 july 2018.

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location: The garage international at the hotel mercure pont d'avignon.


time: 11:00am


In this new lecture performance Mark Johnson continues the story of his discovery of the female ghosts that live in the small towers along the wall that surrounds Avignon. 

He found these spirits two summers ago quite by chance and then just as unexpectedly lost the power to see them last summer.

In this new show he describes the research and experiments he has undertaken since then to rediscover the ghosts. This includes a discussion of prostitution in Avignon during the middle ages, as well as a description of the consequences of believing that you actually can bring back the past.


Theatre in English. 

The text, images, recordings and video used in the show are available below.


Download Show Text